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Probate, Estate Planning, Estate Administration & Trust

Unbundled Estate Planning Services

Unbundled estate planning services involve a legal practice where individuals can select and pay for specific estate planning services according to their needs, rather than opting for a comprehensive, full-service approach. Estate planning typically involves creating documents and making decisions that dictate how a person's assets and affairs will be managed during their lifetime and distributed after their death. Unbundled estate planning services offer a more modular and cost-effective alternative to traditional full-service representation. To learn about the key aspects of unbundled estate planning services read more.

Start Client Onboarding

Thank you so much for considering Unbundled Legal Services of Iowa! Please read the client onboarding process below.


Step 1 – Conflicts Check: We ensure that we haven't represented anyone else with conflicting interests.

Step 2 – Application Review: We assess if we can assist with your specific legal needs.


Step 3 – Appointment Scheduling: If you pass the conflict check, you are provided a link to schedule your consultation with the attorney. If we determine that you are conflicted out, we will notify you in writing.

To begin, kindly click on the "Get Started" button below. We'll conduct a conflicts check within 1-2 business days of receiving your form. If a conflict arises, we'll strive to provide you with a quality referral. If not, we'll promptly provided a link to schedule your consultation with the attorney. The consultation fee is $150, payable before the appointment, unless it pertains to a probate matter or mediation services. If approved, you'll receive valuable insights and a tailored plan to address your situation.

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