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Predissolution Consultation

A predissolution or predivorce consultation refers to a meeting between individuals contemplating the end of their marriage and a legal professional, such as a divorce attorney or mediator, before officially filing for divorce. This consultation serves as an opportunity for the parties involved to gain a better understanding of the legal processes, implications, and potential outcomes associated with divorce.

During a predissolution consultation, the attorney or mediator typically discusses various aspects related to divorce, including but not limited to:

  1. Legal Grounds for Divorce: The attorney will explain the legal grounds for divorce in the relevant jurisdiction. Grounds for divorce vary by location and may include factors such as irreconcilable differences, adultery, or abandonment.

  2. Divorce Process: The legal professional will outline the general steps involved in the divorce process, providing an overview of what the individuals can expect from filing to finalization. This may include discussions about legal paperwork, court appearances, and potential timelines.

  3. Property and Asset Division: One crucial aspect of divorce is the division of marital assets and liabilities. The attorney may discuss how property, debts, and other financial matters are typically handled during divorce proceedings.

  4. Child Custody and Support: If there are children involved, the attorney may address issues related to child custody, visitation rights, and child support. They may explain the factors considered by the court in determining these arrangements.

  5. Alimony/Spousal Support: Discussions may also cover the possibility of alimony or spousal support, where one spouse may be required to provide financial assistance to the other post-divorce.

  6. Alternative Dispute Resolution: The attorney may discuss alternative methods for resolving disputes, such as mediation or collaborative divorce, which can be less adversarial than traditional litigation.

  7. Legal Fees and Costs: The consultation often includes a discussion about the legal fees and costs associated with divorce representation. This can help individuals understand the financial aspects of pursuing a divorce.

  8. Potential Outcomes: The legal professional may provide insights into potential outcomes based on the specific circumstances of the individuals involved, offering a realistic view of what they might expect in terms of settlement or court decisions.


A predissolution or predivorce consultation is an essential step for individuals considering divorce, as it helps them make informed decisions about their next steps and prepares them for the legal aspects of the process. It provides an opportunity to ask questions, discuss concerns, and gain clarity on the complexities involved in divorce proceedings.

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