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Premarital Consultation

Unbundled Legal Services of Iowa provides comprehensive premarital consultation services, offering couples valuable professional guidance before entering into marriage. Recognizing the complexities of modern family dynamics, the firm addresses the legal transformations inherent in marriage. During the premarital consultation, couples benefit from a thorough exploration of various aspects of their existing legal situations.

The services begin with an in-depth analysis of each partner's current legal standing, including individual assets, liabilities, and any legal obligations. The experienced professionals at Unbundled Legal Services of Iowa guide couples through discussions on potential changes that marriage may introduce to their legal landscape. This involves a meticulous examination of how marital status might impact property rights, financial responsibilities, and other legal considerations.

The premarital consultation process is designed to foster open communication between the couple, allowing them to address any concerns or questions related to the legal implications of marriage. The purpose of the consultation is to explore and discuss various aspects of their relationship, address potential challenges, and equip them with tools to build a strong foundation for a successful marriage. The goal is to empower couples with a comprehensive understanding of the legal aspects surrounding their union, enabling them to make informed decisions as they embark on this significant life milestone.

By providing tailored and specific advice based on the couple's unique legal circumstances, Unbundled Legal Services of Iowa ensures that individuals entering into marriage are well-equipped to navigate the legal intricacies associated with their new relationship. The firm's commitment to personalized service ensures that couples receive the guidance they need to make informed decisions and confidently proceed into the next chapter of their lives.

The structure and content of premarital consultations can vary depending on the preferences of the couple and the approach taken by the attorney. Here is a general overview of what typically happens during a premarital consultation:

  1. Introduction and Background Assessment:

    • The session often involves introductions between the couple and the attorney.

    • The attorney may gather information about each individual's background, family history, and previous relationships.

  2. Assessment Tools:

    • The attorney may use assessment tools, such as questionnaires or inventories, to help identify strengths and potential areas of growth in the relationship.

    • These tools may cover topics like family background, prior marriages and dissolutions, financial management, parenting styles, and expectations for the future.

  3. Discussion of Expectations:

    • The attorney facilitates open and honest discussions about each partner's expectations for marriage and family.

    • Topics may include roles and responsibilities, career goals, financial management, and child rearing attitudes.

  4. Conflict Resolution:

    • The attorney may address potential sources of conflict and teach strategies for resolving disagreements in a healthy and constructive manner.

    • Conflict resolution skills are crucial for maintaining a strong and resilient relationship.

    • The attorney may discuss potential pitfalls that are revealed during the session.

  5. Legal Issues in Complex Blended Families:

    • Our experienced professionals delve into the complexities of blended families, discussing legal implications related to stepchildren, shared assets, and potential conflicts.

    • We provide tailored advice on navigating legal challenges specific to blended families, ensuring that couples understand their rights and responsibilities.

  6. Circumventing Hostile Relatives:

    • In some cases, couples may face challenges from hostile relatives. Our premarital consultation services include strategies for setting up legal arrangements that can help circumnavigate potential conflicts.

    • We offer guidance on legal frameworks that provide protection and minimize the impact of external pressures on the marital relationship.

  7. Shared Custody with an Ex-Spouse:

    • For couples dealing with shared custody arrangements from previous marriages, we offer insights into the legal aspects of co-parenting.

    • Our professionals provide guidance on establishing clear legal agreements that define roles, responsibilities, and potential challenges in shared custody situations.

  8. Remarriage and Shared Custody Dynamics:

    • In situations where one or both partners are remarried, the legal landscape becomes more intricate. We explore the legal implications of remarriage on shared custody agreements.

    • Our services include discussions on how to navigate shared custody dynamics within the context of a remarried relationship, ensuring that legal obligations are met while fostering a stable family environment.

  9. Blended Families and Age Gap Relationships:

    • Recognizing that blended families and age gap relationships have unique legal consequences, we provide tailored advice to address these specific considerations.

    • Our professionals guide couples through legal frameworks that accommodate the complexities associated with age gap relationships and blended families, ensuring that legal arrangements are aligned with individual circumstances.

  10. Financial Matters:

    • Discussions about financial financial responsibilities are common in premarital consultations.

    • The couple may explore their attitudes toward money which may help them develop a plan for managing finances together as well as the manner in which financial matters will be handled in the case of separation.

  11. Follow-Up and Additional Sessions:

    • Depending on the needs of the couple, additional sessions may be scheduled to address specific concerns or to reinforce the skills learned during the consultation.

    • Some couples may choose to continue consulting with the attorney periodically throughout their marriage as a proactive measure.


Premarital consultations provide an environment for couples to strengthen their relationship before entering into marriage. The goal is to enhance communication, deepen understanding, and build a strong foundation for a lasting and fulfilling marriage.

By offering a comprehensive premarital consultation that encompasses these dimensions, Unbundled Legal Services of Iowa ensures that couples are well-prepared for the legal intricacies of their unique family situations. Our commitment to personalized service extends to addressing the diverse legal challenges that may arise in complex family structures.

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