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Unbundled Family Law Services

1. Legal Consultations with Compassion:

  • Our experienced family law attorney offers one-on-one consultations where you can openly discuss your concerns in a supportive environment.

  • We empathize with the emotional challenges you may be facing and provide guidance tailored to your unique situation.

2. Strategic Document Review and Drafting:

  • Unbundled Legal Services of Iowa ensures that your legal documents are thorough, accurate, and comprehensive through meticulous review and drafting services.

  • From prenuptial agreements to child custody arrangements, we handle the legal details, so you can focus on what matters most – your family.

  • Our attorney can review your legal paperwork to identify potential issues and provide recommendations. If you need new documents drafted, we can assist with that too.

3. Court Representation with Care:

  • For clients who prefer to handle the majority of their case but need representation in court, we offer limited scope representation. Our attorney can appear on your behalf, presenting your case and advocating for your interests in the courtroom.

  • For those navigating family court matters, our limited scope representation ensures that you have a compassionate advocate by your side during key court proceedings.

  • We approach court representation with a deep understanding of the emotional stakes involved.

Explore alternative dispute resolution options with Unbundled Legal Services of Iowa. Our mediation services offer a nonconfrontational approach to resolving family disputes, promoting mutually agreeable solutions without lengthy court battles. Our trained mediator facilitates constructive conversations, prioritizing open communication and the well-being of everyone involved. Additionally, our unique service for nonconfrontational family discussions and collaborative dispute resolution brings parties together in a neutral environment. We encourage productive dialogue, understanding, and cooperation for the benefit of all family members. For more information on these options, be sure to check back to the homepage under the services section.

What Our Clients Say

"He went above and beyond..."

Brian was a great friend and attorney during a very difficult time in my life. He was extremely professional, supportive, and very thorough. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He went above and beyond. And I couldn't of done it without him. Thanks Brian!


Start Client Onboarding

Thank you so much for considering Unbundled Legal Services of Iowa! Please read the client onboarding process below.


Step 1 – Conflicts Check: We ensure that we haven't represented anyone else with conflicting interests.

Step 2 – Application Review: We assess if we can assist with your specific legal needs.


Step 3 – Appointment Scheduling: If you pass the conflict check, you are provided a link to schedule your consultation with the attorney. If we determine that you are conflicted out, we will notify you in writing.

To begin, kindly click on the "Get Started" button below. We'll conduct a conflicts check within 1-2 business days of receiving your form. If a conflict arises, we'll strive to provide you with a quality referral. If not, we'll promptly provided a link to schedule your consultation with the attorney. The consultation fee is $150, payable before the appointment, unless it pertains to a probate matter or mediation services. If approved, you'll receive valuable insights and a tailored plan to address your situation.

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